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by Admin | | August 13th, 2016

We Provide Amibroker AFL For Intraday Trading Only

2016 was a revolutionary year, as we coded Our Secrect Trading Idea in Amibroker platform. It is an amibroker afl for intraday trading. But there are many trading systems, so what is so special in Our System?? What is In side afl?? It is a trading system that have multi time frame analysis in-built and is trend following.

Amibroker AFL for intraday: Is it profitable

This can be the exact question coming into many readers mind. YES, Our System is a highly accurate afl if used with proper settings.

Our System has a Micro Zooming Scan feature, that will show you scrips passed or failed. We know trend following trading systems fail miserably in range-bound market. So if you have an way to know exactly which scrip is trending and apply the trading system on the particular scrip(s) it will be like a JACKPOT.

What is Inside In Our Trading System For Amibroker

Our Trading System For Amibroker is an advanced indicator trading system that uses a precision trading algorithm and multi timeframe approach to provide precise entry and exit points. Entries and exits are coded wisely to have an emphasize on longer time frame trends. It has been designed for Amibroker, a leading, widely available charting platform. You can trade all major stocks, indices, commodities and forex with the help of this system. Its one of the best buy sell trading system on Amibroker available in the market. It is also the only backtested highly profitable amibroker afl code.

How does it work?

As Above screen short Our Trading System Showing In our system no Need to track candle parttern, break out levels, candle break or not, no need to watch any technical lines etc….

Here you see Our system screen short, You see in our system only technical analisys output so very esay to trade with this system, we cover MACD, MOVING AVRAGE, MATHEMATICAL, RSI, SUPERTREND, ETC… More much indicator

  • In Our system 1st Point Current Time Frame Open, High, Low & Close
  • In 2nd Point Show Current Market Signle With When Coming Time
  • In 3rd point Show Entery Price With Trailing Stop Loss
  • In 4th Point Show Current Market Price With Current Profit / Loss
  • In 5th Point Show Res. Levels. Helping for making posistion Or Exit In During Open Position Or Miss Entery 
  • In 6th Point Show  Sup. Levels. Helping for making posistion Or Exit In During Open Position Or Miss Entery 
  • In 5A. Point Provide To Market Bouds level when market take u turn From Upper To Down
  • In 6A. Point Provide To Market Bounds Level For When Market Take A U-turn From Down To Upper Side
  • 7 Point is Most Important Point is give best market trading range, if coming any signle between this range so at time to ignore signle bcoz in this range market trade with very low volume
  • 8 Point is show past 10 indivual trading call results.
  • 9 Point show total past 10 trading call results.
  • 10 and last point show time frame & Current candle Runing time


  • Fully mechanical trading system for amibroker, no guesswork involved. Both Stop and reverse and non stop and reverse option.
  • Zoom Scan feature is included. You will know which scrip to trade and which scrip to avoid.
  • So it has stop and reverse option optional in parameters.
  • Non stop and reverse will save you from entering false trades in sideways market.
  • Even works with trial version of Amibroker with exploration disabled.
  • Show stop loss line optional, new addition.
  • Improved support and resistance, automatic S&R levels, better than older system.
  • Pushbullet Alert.
  • Change market close time, so can be used for NSE and MCX and even forex etc, new addition.
  • Improved explorer with targets, stop loss and strong or weak signals.
  • Its important to know when not to trade than when to trade.
  • Works on all time frames, so suited for intraday trading, positional trading as well as investment.
  • Multi time frame approach, keeps an eye on higher time frame trend.


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